Appliance Magic was started in October, 2011 by me, Jason Kirksey. We do in home appliance repair and we have a used appliance store that sells both used appliances and new & used appliance parts. We also buy your unwanted working or non-working appliances. Our store is located at 3920 Pio Nono Ave, Macon, Ga.  This is in the Rose’s shopping center.

When I started the company I only did in home appliance repair. It was just me, a truck, a cell phone, and a wonderful wife that handled all of the bookkeeping. I must admit it was a little scary being a new company and I had to do a lot of work to get my name out there. But I did it and it worked. Once people learned about me, word of mouth spread fairly quickly. I believe honesty, courtesy, fairness, and hard work played a large role in the success I had and it continues today.

At this time I have other employees, and I expect the same from them as I expect from myself. Fortunately I have found good people to help me grow the business and expand and provide additional services to our customers. We now have a used appliance store and also sell appliance parts while continuing to do in home appliance repair.

You, the customer, will always be our top priority. We offer an unheard of 1 year warranty on parts and labor on any appliance problem that we repair. We have a 90 day warranty on our used appliances and another unheard of 1 year warranty on the sealed system of our used refrigerators. We offer delivery and trade-ins.

How I got into the appliance repair business:

In about 1998 I got into the electrical trade as an electrician’s helper. As with everything I do I studied hard, worked hard, and in just a few months I had advanced to an electrician with a helper of my own.

Over the next several years I worked as a lead electrician for a couple of different companies. In around 2006 I went to work with another company as the lead electrician and this company also did appliance repair and heating & air. If the electrical side of the company was slow I’d help out with the appliance repair and the heating & air work. Again I started studying these two trades and soon was handling some of the appliance repair and heating & air calls on my own.

In October, 2011, I decided it was time to do something for myself and I enjoyed the challenge of appliance repair the most so I started Appliance Magic and went out on my own. Being a new company I was nervous about generating enough business to be profitable. I went to apartment complexes and passed out personal resumes as well as business cards. I went to realty companies and got in with a few of them. I worked the internet by listing my company on as many local search engines as I could. I talked to people that knew of me and my work ethics and before long I became confident that there was no way I would let this business fail.

Please consider us for your appliance repair needs, used appliance needs, and for your appliance parts. We really appreciate the continued support.

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